Shit I Do On Adderall

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This + Addy high = me not getting a damn thing done this morning.

"Chipmunk, prairie dog, squirrel… whatever, that motherfucker look like Alvin."

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Athletes And Pandas



Yao Ming

Carmelo Anthony

Kevin Durant

Sergio Garcia, Padraig Harrington

Carlos Moya

Swedish Women’s Soccer Team

Amelie Caze

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

Rafael Nadal

Netherlands Men’s Soccer Team

Pablo ‘Kung Fu Panda’ Sandoval

Maria Kirilenko

Bubba Trammell


Combining my favorite adderall activities: watching replays on and looking at adorable animal pictures.

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Holy shit. This is amazing.

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1.  5 drinks every time someone wants to hold the new baby.

2.  1 drink every time a new Christmas song starts. Finish your beer if it’s by Alvin and the Chipmunks

3.  Anytime someone quotes Christmas Vacation drink 3

4.  3 drinks every time a kid asks if they can open up a present

5.  Continuously drink while grandparents tell Christmas story from their childhood

6.  Grandma asks if you have a girlfriend yet? Drink 5

7.  Mom tells you to slow down, she doesn’t want this to be like Thanksgiving? Slam your beer in defiance.

8.  1 drink for every awkward hug you have with a random relative. 3 drinks if it’s an ass out hug.

9.  Grandpa makes a racist remark? Drink 2, also text your only black friend a compliment to balance things out.

10. 3 drinks for every mass text you get.  If it’s an unknown number? Make it a shot.

11. 2 shots of whiskey followed by the sign of the cross if you get a text or see a tweet about “the real meaning of Christmas”

Happy Holidays, you bastards.

Terribly Awkward Christmas Card Pictures

Should I be more afraid of creepy Santa or that girl?

Should I be more creeped out by Santa or the little girl?

We commend you for not conforming.  Stick it to the man!

Oh, I get it.  It’s a social commentary.  A very monochromatic social commentary.

I always knew Bo Pelini was more of a cat person.

What is this I don’t even…

Jimmy Fallon Presents: Akon Cornelious

If you are a fan of both shitty hip-hop and classic clay-mation Christmas specials, well, you’re one weird fuck.  But you’re one weird fuck who is going to love our video of the day.

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Ten Christmas Movie Drinking Games

The holidays are a time for family.  Families are best dealt with by drinking.  Heavily.  Here are 10 movies that you might already be watching this holiday season, but with a list of rules to make family time more enjoyable (for you, at least).

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